Shyp eBay easy shipping

It’s been two months since we debuted our seamless eBay integration in the Shyp app, and the response we’ve heard from new and veteran sellers alike has been nothing short of amazing.

Some sellers echoed the New York Times’ view of Shyp as “magical.”

Others preferred the phrase “game changer.” Insofar as shipping is a game, we’ve definitely changed it.

For you data-driven sellers out there, take a look at these efficiency numbers.

So what exactly are these sellers selling? Just about anything, really.

Everybody’s got “stuff” to sell. If you’ve never sold on eBay before, now is the time to give it a try.

Sellers show a lot of love to Shyp’s couriers, who save them from long lines at the post office.

And there’s even more reason to celebrate — pickups are free through June 30.

As a fair warning, you may become obsessed after just one pickup.

Even if you’ve sold on eBay before, you’ll want to rethink your process once you see how much time and money you can save by using Shyp.

Our eBay integration is so good, even your cat will appreciate it.

But in the end, our goal is simply to offer eBay sellers the most convenient and affordable shipping experience imaginable.

We’re grateful for the outpouring of support for our eBay integration. If you haven’t tried it yet, list and sell your items on eBay, then tap ‘New shipment’ in the Shyp app to connect your account.

And remember — eBay pickups are free through June 30. Take advantage and enjoy the easiest way to declutter and earn quick cash.

Sign up for Shyp — we pick up, package, and ship for the lowest price.