Earlier this fall we added the ability for customers to purchase and print shipping labels. As part of this announcement we introduced a web dashboard, allowing customers to manage a higher volume of shipments for their business. The dashboard has proven itself as a valuable addition to the shipping workflow and we’ve decided to build on this offering.

Starting today, we’re adding the ability for Shyp customers in NYC, LA, Chicago, and San Francisco to schedule pickups for their shipments from the web dashboard. This is an exciting new product experience that will improve the workflow when sending many shipments at once.


Here are a few of the new features that are available on shyp.com:


icon_connectIntegrate your Shopify or eBay store

Get seamless order fulfillment when you connect your Shopify or eBay store.


icon_importImport orders in bulk with a spreadsheet

This new feature allows you to import shipments via a spreadsheet in CSV format.



icon_dashboardSee all your shipments at a glance

With the dashboard, it’s easy to see all your shipments at once, regardless of carrier, and view their shipping and tracking information.


icon_pickupSelect packaging

You can package them yourself or let us do the work for you – it’s your choice!



icon_packagingSchedule a pickup

Last but not least, now you can schedule a pickup for your shipments from the web dashboard! Rather than opening the Shyp mobile app to schedule a shipment, now you can get a pickup in just a few clicks.


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Plus: Get $10 in free holiday shipping

This holiday season we’d like to give you the gift of free shipping. Get $10 in free shipping credit for your holiday shipping needs! To redeem this promo, simply log into your Shyp account and enter the code: SHYPHOLIDAY.

Watch this tutorial about how to setup your Shopify store and schedule a pickup on web:

Still have questions? Check out our Help Center for more info.