Get $25 in Shyp Credit towards Shipping and Gift Wrap

This time of year can be stressful if your holiday shopping isn’t quite finished. To keep spirits bright for last minute shoppers, Shyp has teamed up with Banana Republic as part of the retailer’s Procrastinators Event.

The event, which takes place between Wednesday, December 17 through Monday, December 22, brings special perks like free shipping to customers in its stores nationwide. Banana Republic shoppers in 19 stores across New York City, San Francisco and Miami will receive a $25 Shyp gift card with any Banana Republic purchase. This credit can be used towards on-demand shipping and gift wrapping, which Shyp launched last week in partnership with Brit + Co.

Gift pickup Shyp Creates Custom Boxes for Each Item

As an added bonus for shoppers at San Francisco’s flagship store on Grant Avenue, the SoHo location in New York City and the Aventura Mall in Miami: customers can ship their items straight from the store through dedicated Shyp kiosks. Between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. during the event, hand your purchases to a Shyp representative straight from the register or shopping bag. We’ll make sure it gets wrapped and shipped to the recipient for you.

In addition to free shipping and gift wrap, the Procrastinators Event includes free same-day delivery, holiday help and taxi rides through partnerships with Deliv, TaskRabbit and Curb. To learn more about all the in-store perks, visit