Step into our warehouse for a closer look at Shyp's operations.

Step into our warehouse for a closer look at Shyp’s operations.

Each of Shyp’s four cities has its own warehouse, staffed by experts and stocked to the ceiling with high-quality packing materials.

We pride ourselves on being a technology company, but Shyp is much more than an office of people behind laptops. When it comes to the real work of packing and shipping, all the action takes place in our warehouse.

Read on to see how we get things from your fingertips to anywhere in the world.

1. We can create a custom box in less than 10 seconds.

When an item gets to the Shyp warehouse and needs packaging, one of our packing technicians — a.k.a. a “tech” — will measure it and enter the dimensions into a precision cardboard-cutting machine. Seconds later, a box pops out, form-fitted to your shipment.

Custom boxes are ideal for protecting your shipments, as well as for reducing waste. We take our environmental impact seriously and make sure we’re never creating shipments with superfluous cardboard or padding.

HP - Shyp - 2015.08.19 - 1144 - Warehouse Handheld

Custom packaging requires creativity and problem-solving skills.

2. These aren’t your average boxes.

Some packages require double-walled cardboard, others involve interlocking dividers or honeycomb panels. With endless combinations of packaging options available, our packing techs are ready for anything.

3. And when we say we use “high-quality” materials, we mean it.

Our bubble wrap is so strong that you can stand on it without hearing a pop.

4. Packing techs use a special version of the Shyp app called Anchor. 

Anchor connects seamlessly with Compass, the app our couriers use. As couriers transfer their items to the warehouse, information is passed from Compass to Anchor so each shipment stays organized as it moves from packing to postage.

These icon explorations for Compass and Anchor show how Shyp's brand permeates every aspect of the company.

These icon explorations for Compass and Anchor show how Shyp’s brand permeates every aspect of the company.

5. Once an item has been scanned into the warehouse using Anchor, it starts down one of three journeys. 

We sort items according to how they’ll be packed: envelope, regular, or special. The “envelope” and “regular” tracks are built for maximum efficiency, while the “special table” is all about precision, focus, and creative packaging solutions.

6. The “special table” is a packing station reserved for the most fragile and oddly-shaped items. 

If you’re shipping a musical instrument, a display monitor, glassware, fine art, or anything that requires more than a standard rectangular box, we’ll send it to the special table for extra time and attention.

For Tim Marcus of Milkman Sound, the special table is an essential stop for the custom guitar amplifiers he sells.

7. We have specific standard procedures in place to pack common items.

Dishes, flatscreen TVs, vinyl records — we’ve tested and honed the ideal packing technique for the items we see every day. This helps us move fast while keeping packaging consistent.

8. We see plenty of uncommon items as well.

We ship all kinds of stuff. The other day we shipped a collection of antique clocks, an oversized check for a lucky winner, and a complete set of The Simpsons action figures. If it fits in the back of a sedan (and doesn’t violate our Terms of Service) we’re happy to pack and ship it.

9. No matter what we’re packaging, our goal is always the same — maximum protection for your shipment, minimum overall size and weight.

Here’s our recipe for packing success: high-quality materials, innovative technology,  and expertise at identifying each item’s weak points, plus a passion for providing outstanding service. Every time you choose packaging by Shyp, count on excellent service from warehouse professionals.

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