In April, we announced a partnership with Goodwill in San Francisco to make it easier than ever to donate. The premise was simple – request a pickup in the Shyp app for what you wanted to donate and we’d show up within 20 minutes to make sure it got in the hands of those in need, free of charge.

In just one month, Shyp customers in San Francisco donated 21.5 tons – that’s 43,000 pounds – of unneeded items. Collectively, that’s over 165,000 square feet of freed up space in our customers’ homes, and will equate to over $300,000 in tax write-offs. Sounds successful, right? Don’t take our word for it – Goodwill President and CEO, Maureen Sedonean, said the Shyp and Goodwill partnership is the most successful donation partnership the organization’s history.

It just doesn’t feel right to keep such an incredible partnership from our customers in other cities. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve re-launched our partnership with Goodwill for the next month in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Miami.

Simply update your Shyp app to the latest version and add a shipment. When you go to input the destination, you’ll notice there’s a new featured recipient, Goodwill – tap that, take a photo of your items and request a pickup. Within 20 minutes, a courier will arrive at your door, armed with bags to retrieve your items and get them to Goodwill.* We’ll then email you a tax donation receipt after pickup.

And this time around, you can donate as many times as you want throughout the month. As long as you select Goodwill as the recipient, there will be no $5 pickup fee.

Need a Donation receipt? Just download and print your respective receipt below:

Which city will be the most generous? We’ll let you know in August.

*Please limit your donations to clothes, personal items, and things that can fit in the back seat of a four-door car. Our couriers will not be able to pick up oversized items. No trash please.