blogheaderWe’ve turned consumer shipping on its head, taking an archaic, complex industry and completely reimagining it with our own technology. In doing so, we’re fundamentally changing shipping—and not just the industry, but the behaviors, expectations and standards associated with it.

We want our brand to reflect the powerful logistics engine we’ve built from scratch. So today, we’re proud to unveil our refined aesthetic: a fresh take on our wordmark, a classic color palette with a splash of style, and sleek, brand new experiences for mobile and web. Like our product suite, this aesthetic will continue to evolve as we reimagine new parts of the shipping ecosystem. We hope you like it.*  

Send to People, Not Addresses

Here at Shyp, we’re constantly seeking ways to improve the experience and deliver our customers what they need. Our customers wanted an easier way to return online purchases. So we built that. Our customers wanted an easier way to share package tracking. So we built that. We wanted to take ownership of the complete, end-to-end customer experience, so we’re transitioning our couriers from 1099 contractors to W2 employees.

A couple of months ago we asked ourselves, what other pain point can we remove to make shipping even easier? It didn’t take long for something to stick out like a sore thumb; something we’ve accepted as shipping status quo that no one’s challenged: the address.

Starting today, you’ll never need someone’s address to send them something again. Shyp customers can now create usernames, to which their address and delivery preferences will be synced. When one of your contacts wants to send you something, they’ll type in your username, rather than a numerical street address.

If you move, change jobs, or spend time traveling, just update the address on your Shyp account. Your username remains the same, which means you stay connected to friends and family wherever you go.

Sending something yourself? Our app will now sync with your phone’s address book, and the contacts who already have Shyp accounts will auto-populate for one-tap fulfillment. And if they don’t have a Shyp account, you can send them an SMS to set one up in a single tap.

Already thinking of a clever username? Claim it.

Shyp for Recipients

Starting today, tracking your packages is easier than ever. You—and with whomever you’d like to share—can see every step of your package’s journey, right in the Shyp app. Even people who have never used Shyp before will still get access to in-app tracking once you share it with them.


[.screenshot of incoming package (tracking)]As a Shyp recipient, you’ll receive a notification when a shipment is on its way, and can decide at that time where you’d like it delivered. As our Head of Marketing put it, it’s essentially the Shyp sending experience in reverse: the easiest way to receive anything, anywhere.

This brings us to an exciting point—people anywhere, even outside of our active markets, can now interact with and experience the magic of Shyp. A username is all you need to track and route incoming shipments with the Shyp app.

That means anyone in the US can download the app, create a username, and start connecting with contacts. Not only does this empower us to introduce the future of shipping to millions of new people at once, but it also equips us with powerful data to help inform our next market.

Still Just the Beginning

With address-free shipping, we’re one step closer to bringing you a completely new standard in shipping. But, as we’ve said before, this is only the beginning. Over the coming months, we’ll continue to expand our product suite, partner with organizations to make our customers’ lives easier and—of course—bring Shyp to more cities across North America.

This is a huge step forward for Shyp and we can’t wait for you to see what we do next.

*Read more about our rebrand here.