Most folks don’t keep rolls of bubble wrap around the house. Even if you have the right materials handy, packing is time-consuming. A guitar amp, for example, can take hours to pack properly.

That’s why we’re here.

We’re proud to offer high-quality packing services from trained professionals. Take advantage of packaging by Shyp and count on your shipments arriving perfectly protected.

Pricing Based on Size and Fragility

Use this size guide to select the right packaging option for your shipment:

  • Small – two largest dimensions must be less than 12″ and 8″
  • Medium – two largest dimensions must be less than 18″ and 12″
  • Large – two largest dimensions must be less than 30″ and 18″
  • Extra Large – two largest dimensions must both be less than 40″

pricing grid

No fees are added if you choose to handle packaging yourself. Select “I’ll package my shipment” in the app, schedule a pickup, and we’ll find the lowest shipping rate for your pre-packaged shipments.

How We Define “Fragile”

We consider an item fragile if it would break when dropped — but don’t worry, we won’t drop your stuff. If you’re shipping glassware, electronics, musical instruments, or other delicate items, be sure to check the box for additional packaging in the app.

For clothing, books, documents, or similarly unbreakable items, there’s no need to request additional packaging.


Pay Less, Get More

Some shipping services sell packing materials but charge extra for the time and labor to actually pack each item. Our prices cover packing and materials — that means you’re saving both time and money when you choose packaging by Shyp.

Packaging is free for eBay shipments through June 30, 2016. Learn more about hassle-free shipping for eBay sales.