Introducing Hassle-Free Fulfillment for Shopify Sellers



Today we’re proud to announce a partnership with Shopify that streamlines one of the most challenging parts of running a business: shipping the goods you sell. You can now connect your Shopify account within the Shyp app to easily and affordably ship what you sell online.

Our dedicated fulfillment experience for Shopify sellers offers seamless integration from selling to shipping. When you sell an item on your Shopify store, it automatically appears in the Shyp app with your buyer’s shipping information — no more manually entering addresses.

In San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, Shopify sellers will enjoy the complete end-to-end convenience of our full-service platform, including pickup for any orders you need to ship, high-quality packaging, and shipping from today’s trusted carriers. Sellers in other U.S. cities can take advantage of our all-in-one shipping dashboard, where you can instantly compare carrier rates, batch print labels, and track shipments from any device.

Once your shipments are out the door, we complete your sale on Shopify and provide tracking information. Since our shipping dashboard is available on web or from the Shyp mobile app, you can easily manage your outgoing shipments from the office or on-the-go.


Shopify continues to be the leading platform for starting an online business, with many merchants already choosing to fulfill their orders with Shyp. Our new integration will help Shopify sellers save even more time on shipping, allowing them to focus on growing their sales and pursuing their entrepreneurial passions.

Today’s launch represents an exciting milestone for our team, as we continue to focus on powering businesses and building innovative fulfillment solutions. We look forward to supporting the Shopify seller community with an effortless shipping and fulfillment experience.

To get started, log in to your Shyp app and connect your Shopify store. Learn more at »

Shyp’s Price Comparison Service: Now Available Nationwide


This summer, we introduced powerful new features for our customers to power their businesses with Shyp. Since then, we’ve seen an overwhelmingly positive response from individuals, online marketplace sellers, and businesses that have adopted Shyp as a critical tool to run and grow their business, saving them time and money. 

Over the past few months, we’ve met with those online marketplace sellers and businesses to learn how Shyp helps them, and what we can do to improve. It’s no secret that business owners are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and save time, so it wasn’t surprising to learn that frequent shippers value our price comparison technology greatly. For many businesses, the trickiest part of fulfilment isn’t packaging or transporting an item to a carrier; it’s navigating the complex shipping ecosystem to determine how to get items in the hands of customers in the most cost effective way. 

Countless customers have told us they’d benefit from a standalone service that enables them to utilize Shyp’s pricing technology to compare carrier rates and print labels instantly, while handling packaging and drop-off themselves. Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve taken that feedback and built a new service that allows just that, and it’s available nationwide. 

Starting today, no matter where a customer is based in the U.S., they can use Shyp to instantly compare carrier rates and print shipping labels for items they’re sending anywhere in the world. Because this service is software-based, we’re able to unlock it nationwide – introducing Shyp to millions of new businesses at once. 

And, because we know many businesses use a desktop computer as a central command center for their business, we built this new service for the Web, in addition to iOS and Android. Now, customers can track all of their shipments from one easy-to-use dashboard no matter where they are. So whether they’re on a laptop at the office or checking their phone on-the-go, their logistics operation is never more than a few clicks away. As the only carrier agnostic, end-to-end shipping platform on the market, Shyp customers never need to worry about having several accounts with each carrier—everything happens seamlessly through Shyp. 

So, how much does this service cost? For the first 90 days after a customer purchases their first label via Shyp, the service is free of charge. Subsequently, labels cost 50 cents each to purchase. As with our flagship, full-service product, the more customers ship, the more they save. Here’s a breakdown of volume-based discounts for labels purchased via Shyp: 

  • 20+ items per month: 25 cents per label
  • 50+ items per month: 10 cents per label 
  • 300+ items per month: 5 cents per label

This new service further evolves the Shyp platform to cater to the needs of a customer set that’s more diverse than ever. As with every new feature and product we launch, we’ll continue to learn from our customer’s feedback to further iterate this experience for them. 

Our full service product line for standard shipping, online returns and eBay sales continues to grow at a consistent and exciting rate. We will continue to iterate this product line by implementing more platform and marketplace integrations, evolving and expanding Shyp’s API, and aggressively expanding the full-service business geographically in 2017. One of the benefits of having a nationwide price comparison and label printing service is the powerful customer data it equips us with, which will help inform where we expand next, based on customer interest.

Visit the all-new to learn more about today’s news.

Introducing New Features To Power Your Business With Shyp


In December, we first revealed our partner integration with eBay. After piloting the integration for a few months and gathering feedback from customers, we extended the partnership and expanded the integration geographically. The feedback from online sellers who rely on Shyp for fulfillment has been incredible.

Since introducing the eBay integration, we’ve seen a rapid increase of other business-oriented customers, with thousands of ecommerce sellers and small businesses adopting Shyp as a critical tool to run and grow their business. And, in April, when we said we were serious about catering to the needs of these businesses, we meant it, as this customer cohort now generates nearly half of Shyp’s revenue. We’ve spent time asking our business customers how we can better support them, and today we’re excited to roll out new features to make their lives easier.

Businesses ship far more frequently than the everyday consumer, and decreasing time spent on fulfillment is paramount. Because sales are scattered throughout the day, a pickup every 20 minutes isn’t the most efficient. So we introduced the ability to schedule pickups. And starting today, when pickups are scheduled and not on demand, Shyp customers will no longer be limited to 20 items per pickup; they can have as many picked up as they’d like.

We’re proud to offer these entrepreneurs such great value, and in doing so, ignite powerful, revenue-driving growth for Shyp. It’s important to us that our customers reflect the same loyalty towards us, that we do them. We’ve developed a business discount program based on shipment volume to do just that. The more items a customer sends with Shyp, the more they’ll save on pickup, packaging, and shipping. Here’s a look at the discounts by tier:shyp-poweryourbusinessShyp will continue to find the lowest available price for shipments by comparing rates from FedEx, UPS, and USPS. The additional shipping discounts will be placed on top of the best-available rate, making it the most cost effective option for a business – and one not available except through Shyp.

We’re also committed to bringing Shyp’s value to many more businesses in many more places. Today, we unlocked 21 additional zip codes across our four markets. Find out if that includes yours here.


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Save Time with Packaging by Shyp

Most folks don’t keep rolls of bubble wrap around the house. Even if you have the right materials handy, packing is time-consuming. A guitar amp, for example, can take hours to pack properly.

That’s why we’re here.

We’re proud to offer high-quality packing services from trained professionals. Take advantage of packaging by Shyp and count on your shipments arriving perfectly protected.

Pricing Based on Size and Fragility

Use this size guide to select the right packaging option for your shipment:

  • Small – two largest dimensions must be less than 12″ and 8″
  • Medium – two largest dimensions must be less than 18″ and 12″
  • Large – two largest dimensions must be less than 30″ and 18″
  • Extra Large – two largest dimensions must both be less than 40″

pricing grid

No fees are added if you choose to handle packaging yourself. Select “I’ll package my shipment” in the app, schedule a pickup, and we’ll find the lowest shipping rate for your pre-packaged shipments.

How We Define “Fragile”

We consider an item fragile if it would break when dropped — but don’t worry, we won’t drop your stuff. If you’re shipping glassware, electronics, musical instruments, or other delicate items, be sure to check the box for additional packaging in the app.

For clothing, books, documents, or similarly unbreakable items, there’s no need to request additional packaging.


Pay Less, Get More

Some shipping services sell packing materials but charge extra for the time and labor to actually pack each item. Our prices cover packing and materials — that means you’re saving both time and money when you choose packaging by Shyp.

Packaging is free for eBay shipments through June 30, 2016. Learn more about hassle-free shipping for eBay sales.

Seller Spotlight: Lois & the Joy of Turning “Stuff” into Cash

Our Seller Spotlight series highlights eBay sellers using Shyp to take the hassle out of making money online. Learn more about our seamless eBay integration.


Lois C. is a Los Angeles resident who, like so many of us, had accumulated too much “stuff” around the house. “I redecorated, I added more shelves, but it weighed heavily on me to have so much debris in my life,” she recalls.

Lois started selling on eBay in January. Two months later, she's earned over $3,000.

Lois started selling on eBay in January. Two months later, she’s earned over $3,000.

She grew up in Ohio, where she had frequently gone antiquing with her sister. “I was collecting all kinds of things but never using them,” she recalls. “They’d just go into a closet.”

She had considered selling on eBay, but hesitated when she considered the burden of shipping.

Then she discovered Shyp.

That was in January. Since then, Lois has made over $3,000 using eBay and Shyp. “I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface,” she says. “I have about 50 items listed right now.”

“If you’re not using something, why not get rid of it and make some money instead?”

Lois works as a business development consultant but occasionally takes side jobs as an organizer. “People sometimes hire me to come and clean out their closets. So I’ll go through their house and get rid of tons of stuff, and when you go through that experience, you realize it makes your life much more manageable,” she explains.

“It’s so freeing to get rid of the things you’re not using,” says Lois. “If you’re not using something, why not get rid of it and make some money instead?”

Instead of letting your collectibles sit in a closet, consider selling them on eBay.

Instead of letting your collectibles sit in a closet, consider selling them on eBay.

Lois says most people are not aware of how much “stuff” they have around the house — especially “stuff” they could sell on eBay. “You visually imprint your stuff and you don’t see it anymore,” she says. “You see your closet as it’s always been.”

One of her strategies for seeing her “stuff” anew is to move things around. A different context can provide a great deal of clarity. “For example,” Lois says, “Pick a category — like shoes or pants — and move all of them from your closet to your bedroom. You’ll be surprised how much you have!”

Take a fresh look at your belongings.  You may have more to sell on eBay than you thought.

Take a fresh look at your belongings. You may have more to sell on eBay than you thought.

“Just go for it.”

After a few months of selling, Lois has developed her own strategy, especially around pricing. “If you’ve got unique stuff to sell, you can attract higher-price buyers,” she advises.

She’s been pleasantly surprised by some of her sales. “I recently sold my grandmother’s antique doll. It was damaged. I assumed it was worthless, but I listed it anyhow, making sure to display the damaged parts in photos. I started the auction at $25 and would have been happy with that, but it went up and eventually sold for $100!”

To anyone thinking about selling on eBay for the first time, Lois says, “Just go for it. It can be a little intimidating to get started, but you get the hang of it quickly.”

Ready to turn your “stuff” into cash with eBay and Shyp? Download Shyp and connect your eBay account to get started.

Behind the Scenes at Shyp: 9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Step into our warehouse for a closer look at Shyp's operations.

Step into our warehouse for a closer look at Shyp’s operations.

Each of Shyp’s four cities has its own warehouse, staffed by experts and stocked to the ceiling with high-quality packing materials.

We pride ourselves on being a technology company, but Shyp is much more than an office of people behind laptops. When it comes to the real work of packing and shipping, all the action takes place in our warehouse.

Read on to see how we get things from your fingertips to anywhere in the world.

1. We can create a custom box in less than 10 seconds.

When an item gets to the Shyp warehouse and needs packaging, one of our packing technicians — a.k.a. a “tech” — will measure it and enter the dimensions into a precision cardboard-cutting machine. Seconds later, a box pops out, form-fitted to your shipment.

Custom boxes are ideal for protecting your shipments, as well as for reducing waste. We take our environmental impact seriously and make sure we’re never creating shipments with superfluous cardboard or padding.

HP - Shyp - 2015.08.19 - 1144 - Warehouse Handheld

Custom packaging requires creativity and problem-solving skills.

2. These aren’t your average boxes.

Some packages require double-walled cardboard, others involve interlocking dividers or honeycomb panels. With endless combinations of packaging options available, our packing techs are ready for anything.

3. And when we say we use “high-quality” materials, we mean it.

Our bubble wrap is so strong that you can stand on it without hearing a pop.

4. Packing techs use a special version of the Shyp app called Anchor. 

Anchor connects seamlessly with Compass, the app our couriers use. As couriers transfer their items to the warehouse, information is passed from Compass to Anchor so each shipment stays organized as it moves from packing to postage.

These icon explorations for Compass and Anchor show how Shyp's brand permeates every aspect of the company.

These icon explorations for Compass and Anchor show how Shyp’s brand permeates every aspect of the company.

5. Once an item has been scanned into the warehouse using Anchor, it starts down one of three journeys. 

We sort items according to how they’ll be packed: envelope, regular, or special. The “envelope” and “regular” tracks are built for maximum efficiency, while the “special table” is all about precision, focus, and creative packaging solutions.

6. The “special table” is a packing station reserved for the most fragile and oddly-shaped items. 

If you’re shipping a musical instrument, a display monitor, glassware, fine art, or anything that requires more than a standard rectangular box, we’ll send it to the special table for extra time and attention.

For Tim Marcus of Milkman Sound, the special table is an essential stop for the custom guitar amplifiers he sells.

7. We have specific standard procedures in place to pack common items.

Dishes, flatscreen TVs, vinyl records — we’ve tested and honed the ideal packing technique for the items we see every day. This helps us move fast while keeping packaging consistent.

8. We see plenty of uncommon items as well.

We ship all kinds of stuff. The other day we shipped a collection of antique clocks, an oversized check for a lucky winner, and a complete set of The Simpsons action figures. If it fits in the back of a sedan (and doesn’t violate our Terms of Service) we’re happy to pack and ship it.

9. No matter what we’re packaging, our goal is always the same — maximum protection for your shipment, minimum overall size and weight.

Here’s our recipe for packing success: high-quality materials, innovative technology,  and expertise at identifying each item’s weak points, plus a passion for providing outstanding service. Every time you choose packaging by Shyp, count on excellent service from warehouse professionals.

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Seller Spotlight: From Embarrassing Texts to eBay Entrepreneur

Lauren Leto made $3500 in 2 weeks using eBay and Shyp

Lauren Leto is a busy woman. She’s best known for co-founding Texts From Last Nightthe hilarious website that publishes the late night text messages you hoped no one would see. You may also know her from her witty and insightful guide to literary debate, Judging a Book by Its Lover.

More recently, she embarked on a plan to clean out her apartment and sell a few things using eBay and Shyp.

The result? She made $4,500 in just 16 days.

“I’ve been talking about it nonstop to all my friends,” says Leto. “I had never tried eBay because I was unsure about shipping — the overhead costs of packaging, the time. Now it’s so simple.”

Like many new sellers, Leto was inspired to try selling online when she discovered she wouldn’t have to leave home to ship what she sold. “My office is at my house,” Leto explains, “So I just have a courier come whenever a sale happens.”

What’s she selling? A little of everything. “I have so many dresses and stuff I bought for events but never wore,” she says. “I refreshed my home recently so I’m selling a ton of home decor stuff: a pasta-maker, throw pillow covers, stuff like that.”

“I feel like I’m selling at a discount because of the time I save thanks to Shyp.”

Even though she’s new to the world of selling on eBay, Leto has quickly developed a few tricks that help her move her inventory and maximize profits. “Pictures are very important. At first I was snapping something really quick, but now I focus on making it a quality photo,” she says. “I’ve been thinking about investing in a stand to hold clothes up.”

For Leto, success on eBay is about differentiation. “It’s not about price. It’s more about the description of the item,” she explains. “The more unique the item, the better it will perform.”

Plus, since she uses Shyp to handle all her shipping needs, she sees extra value in every listing. “I feel like I’m selling at a discount because of the time I save thanks to Shyp,” Leto says.

If you’ve been thinking about trying Shyp and eBay, read our post about getting started — you won’t believe how easy it is to clean up and collect cash.

New to Shyp? Download the app: We pick up, package, and ship for the lowest price.

3 Steps to a Cleaner Home and More Cash with Shyp + eBay

Shyp is the easiest way to ship what you sell on eBay

Now that we’ve taken the hassle out of shipping your eBay sales, we’re seeing Shyp customers all over the country decluttering and selling online for the first time.

Yet many folks remain skeptical. It seems too good to be true. How much time does it take? How exactly does the integration work? How easy is it really?

The truth is: It’s really, really easy.

eBay provides a wealth of knowledge to help new sellers get started, and a quick Google or YouTube search reveals a deep well of anecdotes and advice from experienced sellers.

But all that information can be intimidating. If you’re thinking about selling a few things around the house, you don’t have time to read an encyclopedia of best practices.

So here’s the short version — three steps to start clearing out space in your house and putting money in your pocket with Shyp and eBay.

Step 1: Choose what you want to sell.

Most of us have things all over our house or apartment that we would gladly trade for a few bucks. To think of it another way, Marie Kondo’s bestselling guide to tidying up advises you to get rid of any material objects that don’t inspire a feeling of joy when held in your hands.

Clothing is one of the most popular categories for items sold on eBay.

Clean out your closet! Clothing is one of the most popular categories on eBay.

eBay offers an overview of top-selling categories:

  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • Collectibles

If you have an older generation iPad but want the new one, sell yours on eBay. Those dresses that have been hanging in your closet unworn? Perfect for eBay. And when you’re finally ready to part with the “I Believe” mug you picked up while passing through Roswell, NM — yup, it’s eBay time.

Musicians tend to have lots of gear lying around that could use a new home, and every gamer has a few games or even a full console they wouldn’t mind selling.

For your first eBay sale, choose something you know you won’t miss. You can always come back and list more stuff later.

Step 2: List and sell your items on eBay.

Here’s a tip that will save you tons of time creating your listings: Get the eBay app.

The eBay app allows you to duplicate a listing and use it as your own. For instance, suppose you’re selling a GoPro. With the eBay app, all you need to do is:

  1. Search “GoPro” to find a similar item.
  2. Open the listing and tap “Sell One Like This.”
  3. Swap out the photos for your own, change a few words, and you’re done.

Good photos are essential to a successful eBay listing. Be aware of eBay’s requirements, and read through their photo tips if you’re a novice photographer.

In your listing’s description, be as detailed as possible while keeping it interesting for readers. You can utilize lightweight SEO tactics if you want to be extra strategic, but it’s not necessary.

Pricing your item is easy if you do a minute or two of research. Search for similar items to check their prices — not the starting price, but the price when the item sold. You may choose to set your own price a bit lower than this to stay competitive, especially if you’re just getting started.

“But what about shipping?” 

I thought you’d never ask!

First, if you’re not sure how much shipping will cost, try eBay’s shipping calculator.

eBay recommends offering free shipping for your item. Not only will this make your listing more attractive to prospective buyers, it will help you score a 5-star seller rating when your item sells.

If you offer free shipping and send your items with Shyp, you can count on us to find the lowest available shipping rate for your shipment.

Alternatively, you may opt to set a fixed price for shipping. We guarantee you won’t be charged more than what your buyer pays for shipping.

Once you get your item listed on eBay, you’re a few smartphone taps away from less clutter and more cash. Wait for that joyous ‘Your item has sold!’ notification, and prepare to be amazed.

Step 3: Open Shyp, tap, and ship.

As soon as you receive payment from your buyer, your sold item appears in the Shyp app, ready to ship. All you need to do is tap on the items you want to ship and request a pickup — that’s it.

Our couriers can take as many as 20 items per pickup, and since we provide packaging at no extra cost, you don’t need to worry about folding cardboard or keeping a stockpile of bubble wrap.

It’s best to ship your sold items the same day you receive payment. We’ll automatically mark your listing as ‘Shipped’ and upload tracking information to eBay, plus we’ll notify your buyers that their items are on the way.

Use the Shyp app to track your item all the way to delivery, and stay tuned for positive feedback from your buyer — many sellers have reported rave reviews from buyers who appreciated Shyp packaging.

What’s next? Check the house for more stuff to sell and do it all again. When shipping your eBay sales is this easy, there’s no reason to stop decluttering and putting cash in your pocket.

Sign up for Shyp — we pick up, package, and ship for the lowest price.

22 Tweets About Shyp + eBay That Say It All

Shyp eBay easy shipping

It’s been two months since we debuted our seamless eBay integration in the Shyp app, and the response we’ve heard from new and veteran sellers alike has been nothing short of amazing.

Some sellers echoed the New York Times’ view of Shyp as “magical.”

Others preferred the phrase “game changer.” Insofar as shipping is a game, we’ve definitely changed it.

For you data-driven sellers out there, take a look at these efficiency numbers.

So what exactly are these sellers selling? Just about anything, really.

Everybody’s got “stuff” to sell. If you’ve never sold on eBay before, now is the time to give it a try.

Sellers show a lot of love to Shyp’s couriers, who save them from long lines at the post office.

And there’s even more reason to celebrate — pickups are free through June 30.

As a fair warning, you may become obsessed after just one pickup.

Even if you’ve sold on eBay before, you’ll want to rethink your process once you see how much time and money you can save by using Shyp.

Our eBay integration is so good, even your cat will appreciate it.

But in the end, our goal is simply to offer eBay sellers the most convenient and affordable shipping experience imaginable.

We’re grateful for the outpouring of support for our eBay integration. If you haven’t tried it yet, list and sell your items on eBay, then tap ‘New shipment’ in the Shyp app to connect your account.

And remember — eBay pickups are free through June 30. Take advantage and enjoy the easiest way to declutter and earn quick cash.

Sign up for Shyp — we pick up, package, and ship for the lowest price.

How Shipping Carriers Trick You Into Spending More Money

sweeping money

Shipping is confusing. It’s also expensive. Together, these two variables make building trust among consumers difficult.

How carriers price shipments ranges greatly depending on the item and its destination. In user research, we at Shyp frequently hear from small businesses, eBay sellers, and large shippers alike that certain carriers are “cheaper” than others, “better” at certain services, or that flat rate products are “best”. Given the number of variables in determining shipping cost, blanket statements like these are rarely accurate.

One exception, however, is the Postal Service, whose First Class Mail product is the low cost leader for shipments that weigh less than a pound. The Postal Service will ship your t-shirt or DVD anywhere in the country, completing delivery within four days, for $3. No carrier can compete with this incredible service, which they offer, in part, because they are governmentally mandated to deliver mail to virtually every business and residence six days a week.

First Class Mail aside, there are four key factors that determine the cost of shipping:

  1. Dimensions
  2. Weight
  3. Distance (called a “Zone” in industry speak)
  4. Desired transit speed

Only four factors make it sound simple, but the number of variabilities and complexities that are created when weighing each of them against one another is when things get quite complex. For example, if you’re shipping a small stack of DVDs, the Post Office’s Priority Mail product may be more expensive than FedEx Ground. But, let’s say you’re shipping a set of three heavy hardcover novels, the Post Office’s flat rate boxes may be the best option. But if you were shipping your newly sold Star Wars video games on eBay, a flat rate box would be more expensive than simply using Priority Mail. Confusing? We know.

Let’s dive in a little deeper. The Post Office’s pricing is far easier to understand than that of other carriers. The Post Office has few fees on top of base postage – in fact, most shipments don’t have any and price is purely based on physical weight. The Post Office’s First Class Mail service charges flat rate by the ounce, regardless if it’s traveling within Chicago (“Zone 1”) or from New York to San Francisco (“Zone 8”). Easy to recite for consumers; hard for the logistics guy in me to comprehend.

However, for UPS or FedEx, you’ll notice that base pricing is only one of several line items you may find yourself paying. Common additional surcharges include fuel (even with oil at decade low levels), residential fees, return to sender, and others.

Additionally, UPS and FedEx calculate both the dimensional and physical weight, and charge for the higher of the two. This concept of dimensional weight pricing is really important to understand. The effect of multiplying three dimensions causes shipments to often weigh – and therefore cost – a great deal more than many anticipate.

Take, for example: a 10 x 10 x 10 box full of feathers that weighs a pound or two. Under physical weight billing, that shipment costs the 2 pound rate, but under dimensional weight it would be billed at the 6 pound level – a 3x increase. FedEx and UPS essentially tax inefficient shipments – those that will cause trucks to “cube out” before “weighing out”. For this box of feathers, the Post Office will still only charge the 2 pound rate.

This dynamic is why people tend to gravitate towards the Post Office, where a pound is a pound is a pound, or leverage flat rate boxes, which the Post Office has cleverly marketed in their “If it fits it ships” campaign.

In a pricing context, the Post Office is somewhat like Southwest Airlines, with no hidden or added fees.  The private carriers, on the other hand, tend to take on characteristics of a Spirit Airlines flight where the base transportation is quickly overshadowed by the many fees you inevitably incur (i.e. being charged for a glass of water). There is tremendous variability in determining shipping cost, and our customers – many eBay sellers – have a great deal of variety in what they ship. You need to be smart about your carrier selection to optimize on cost/speed.

This complex pricing structure is why every shipment sent through Shyp runs through our custom algorithm to pull every available rate from each of the carriers we work with. Then we choose the cheapest.At Shyp we try to make this process simple by providing a very similar service to what Kayak does for airfare. We compare every carrier option across UPS, FedEx, and the Post Office and choose the cheapest retail rate on our customer’s behalf. This saves our customers up to 50% on shipping.

We also help minimize the dimensional weight of your shipments through our custom packaging approach. We don’t use peanuts, air pillows, or bubble wrap as filler. Instead, we custom print the right sized box, and aim to minimize volumetric size to reduce spend. A non optimized package can result in spending 40 percent more on postage due to wasted space and unnecessary filler (more on this in a future post).

Regardless of what you’re shipping, I’d love for you to try Shyp for yourself and tell me what you think. I’ll even give you $30 off your first shipment.

View Matt’s original post on LinkedIn here.