In December, we first revealed our partner integration with eBay. After piloting the integration for a few months and gathering feedback from customers, we extended the partnership and expanded the integration geographically. The feedback from online sellers who rely on Shyp for fulfillment has been incredible.

Since introducing the eBay integration, we’ve seen a rapid increase of other business-oriented customers, with thousands of ecommerce sellers and small businesses adopting Shyp as a critical tool to run and grow their business. And, in April, when we said we were serious about catering to the needs of these businesses, we meant it, as this customer cohort now generates nearly half of Shyp’s revenue. We’ve spent time asking our business customers how we can better support them, and today we’re excited to roll out new features to make their lives easier.

Businesses ship far more frequently than the everyday consumer, and decreasing time spent on fulfillment is paramount. Because sales are scattered throughout the day, a pickup every 20 minutes isn’t the most efficient. So we introduced the ability to schedule pickups. And starting today, when pickups are scheduled and not on demand, Shyp customers will no longer be limited to 20 items per pickup; they can have as many picked up as they’d like.

We’re proud to offer these entrepreneurs such great value, and in doing so, ignite powerful, revenue-driving growth for Shyp. It’s important to us that our customers reflect the same loyalty towards us, that we do them. We’ve developed a business discount program based on shipment volume to do just that. The more items a customer sends with Shyp, the more they’ll save on pickup, packaging, and shipping. Here’s a look at the discounts by tier:shyp-poweryourbusinessShyp will continue to find the lowest available price for shipments by comparing rates from FedEx, UPS, and USPS. The additional shipping discounts will be placed on top of the best-available rate, making it the most cost effective option for a business – and one not available except through Shyp.

We’re also committed to bringing Shyp’s value to many more businesses in many more places. Today, we unlocked 21 additional zip codes across our four markets. Find out if that includes yours here.


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