We recently shared that we’re changing gears in order to streamline our business and focus on achieving profitability in San Francisco. We’re transparent about the fact that we should have shifted to focus on business customers sooner and have spent the past few weeks further evolving our platform to better serve their needs.

Today, we’re announcing some changes to the Shyp pickup and packaging experience to make things more efficient for the small businesses we support. Shyp will remain a utility for the more casual shippers of the world, but it’s important we double down on the needs of those who truly rely on the Shyp service to run and grow their business.

New packaging rates

Our industry-leading packaging has helped our customers
reduce shipping damage by up to 90% and save time wrapping and packing boxes, especially for fragile and odd-shaped items.

Starting today, we’re eliminating fragile fees across the board, so packaging fragile items like glassware, electronics and fine art is now nearly 70% cheaper. Shyp customers will no longer need to estimate if their package is fragile or not. Our packing staff will make the decision on their behalf and, even if the items need extra protective materials, they’ll be used at no added cost.

Despite offering a wide array of packing options, we learned recently from small businesses that, in some cases, our “small” option simply isn’t small enough. Businesses who use Shyp to send lightweight items like documents, small apparel orders, and keys don’t need made-to-fit packaging—nor should they be charged for it. Today, we’re introducing a soft mailer packaging option that will send items in an envelope, and it’s just $2.

We’ll package items in soft mailers that are crush-proof, with any side measuring less than 1″.

Pickup and shipping updates

Both Shyp’s online returns service and on-demand pickup option have always been used most by casual shippers who have an acute need. As we’ve grown, the number of businesses we work with has also grown, transforming the spread of our customer base. So to best serve the majority of our customers, we’re making some adjustments.

First, we are eliminating our pre-paid consumer returns service. We recognize this will upset some of our consumer customers, and for that we apologize. The reality is, offering online returns is expensive, and because it’s not something used by our fastest-growing customer segments, it doesn’t make sense to continue offering it. Similarly, we are removing USPS first-class mail from our shipping service classes for most customers, commonly used for small packages under 13 oz.

With pickups, we’ve learned that the vast majority of our small business customers prefer to schedule their outbound shipments at a specific time of day. So starting today, pickups will no longer be available on demand, and must be scheduled in advance. Not only does this allow our customers to build precision and routine into their distribution efforts, but it also enables us to better route our couriers—especially for bulk shipments that require a larger vehicle.

And, because bulk shipments now account for the majority of our pickups, we’re tweaking our pickup pricing structure. Pickup price will now be determined based on the number of items a customer is sending.

Finally, while the Shyp team remains mighty, it’s no secret we’re now smaller. So it’s important that we work against a product roadmap that’s ruthlessly prioritized. As we work further to create new features for businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re temporarily rolling back our label printing service. We hope to resume operations on the feature, but for now will be focusing on improving other areas of the Shyp ecosystem.

Have any feedback? We’d love to hear what you need to make shipping more simple. Let us know and thank you for your continued support.

—Kevin Gibbon, Founder/CEO