Lauren Leto made $3500 in 2 weeks using eBay and Shyp

Lauren Leto is a busy woman. She’s best known for co-founding Texts From Last Nightthe hilarious website that publishes the late night text messages you hoped no one would see. You may also know her from her witty and insightful guide to literary debate, Judging a Book by Its Lover.

More recently, she embarked on a plan to clean out her apartment and sell a few things using eBay and Shyp.

The result? She made $4,500 in just 16 days.

“I’ve been talking about it nonstop to all my friends,” says Leto. “I had never tried eBay because I was unsure about shipping — the overhead costs of packaging, the time. Now it’s so simple.”

Like many new sellers, Leto was inspired to try selling online when she discovered she wouldn’t have to leave home to ship what she sold. “My office is at my house,” Leto explains, “So I just have a courier come whenever a sale happens.”

What’s she selling? A little of everything. “I have so many dresses and stuff I bought for events but never wore,” she says. “I refreshed my home recently so I’m selling a ton of home decor stuff: a pasta-maker, throw pillow covers, stuff like that.”

“I feel like I’m selling at a discount because of the time I save thanks to Shyp.”

Even though she’s new to the world of selling on eBay, Leto has quickly developed a few tricks that help her move her inventory and maximize profits. “Pictures are very important. At first I was snapping something really quick, but now I focus on making it a quality photo,” she says. “I’ve been thinking about investing in a stand to hold clothes up.”

For Leto, success on eBay is about differentiation. “It’s not about price. It’s more about the description of the item,” she explains. “The more unique the item, the better it will perform.”

Plus, since she uses Shyp to handle all her shipping needs, she sees extra value in every listing. “I feel like I’m selling at a discount because of the time I save thanks to Shyp,” Leto says.

If you’ve been thinking about trying Shyp and eBay, read our post about getting started — you won’t believe how easy it is to clean up and collect cash.

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