Shyp now works with Kit, a virtual assistant, to simplify fulfillment for Shopify orders. Kit will alert you when orders are ready to be shipped, arrange a pick-up by a Shyp courier, and more.

What is Kit?

Kit is a virtual employee that can help you market and manage your Shopify store. Kit helps drive sales by creating highly-targeted Facebook ad campaigns, sending personal thank you emails to customers, fulfilling and shipping orders using Shyp, and handling other apps that you use to manage your store.

You can talk to Kit through SMS, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram.

How it works

If you’re located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York or Chicago, you can give Kit permission to notify you when you have orders that are ready to ship. Kit will offer to arrange a Shyp pickup. All you’ll need to do is confirm the time and Kit will make sure the pickup is scheduled.

Once packages have been picked up, Kit will send you a link with tracking information. Shyp will also fulfill the order in your Shopify account.

shyp kit

To connect Shyp with Kit so it can handle shipping for you, all you need to do is:

  1. Make sure both the Kit app and the Shyp app are installed on your Shopify store
  2. Go to the Kit Skills Library (, find the Shyp skill and click on “Learn More”
  3. Verify that you’re an existing Shyp user in the pop up

That’s it! Once you’ve confirmed the connection, Kit will get to work right away arranging your shipping to help you be as successful as possible.

If you’ve never used Kit before, you can use the promo code SHYPWITHKIT to get $25 towards your shipping needs to get started.