We started Shyp with a mission: to make shipping a better experience for consumers and businesses alike. We wanted to do it right. So we spent months in public beta, collecting feedback, tweaking the mobile app and our operations to ensure the most efficient service in San Francisco.

Today, Shyp is officially out of beta and available to everyone in San Francisco. Soon, we’ll be coming to your city, too!

Shipping isn’t easy.

Shipping has always been a hassle: not only do you have to get your items to the shipping facility, you also have to figure out how you’ll package them, and pay for all the materials. Whether you’re shipping every day or on a one-off basis, shipping isn’t easy.

Shyp is here to save you time and money and make the shipping process – dare we say it – something you’ll look forward to. Are you an office manager who regularly spends several hours wrapping company swag and running it to the post office? A creative with a small online shop and no ‘office’ or storage space? A retail store that occasionally fills remote orders? Or someone who frequently re-arranges your day to mail returns or care packages?

Shyp is your on-call shipping assistant.

Shyp is the easiest way to ship anything from your home or office, anywhere in the world.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download Shyp’s iPhone app
2. Snap a picture of the items you’d like to ship and request a pickup.
3. A friendly and professional driver (Shyp Hero) will be sent immediately to pick up your items and take them to our packing facility in San Francisco. That’s it!

Shyp charges a minimal pickup fee: just $5, anywhere in San Francisco.

Your item(s) will be transported to Shyp’s packaging facility and sent using the lowest cost and most reliable shipping option. You’ll always pay just $5 for pickup plus postage. No overcharges, no hidden fees. Shyp will also provide all packaging materials, securely wrap your items, and even guarantee them for up to $1k per shipment to guarantee their safe delivery and arrival on-time. Currently, we work with all traditional carriers including USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL, with more coming soon.

Share Shyp, Get $10

To celebrate our launch, we’re giving a $10 shipping credit to anyone who shares the news using the hashtag #sendwithshyp.*

To redeem your shipping credit, be sure to follow @shyp so we can DM you your promo code.

What will you ship today?

– Kevin, Josh, and the rest of the Shyp team.


Contact Info:

For shipping inquiries: info@shyp.com

For press: press@shyp.com

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  1. I would love to apart of this when you branch out to Seattle.

  2. Thanks for your interest Josh – keep an eye on our jobs postings!

  3. What a great idea – let’s do this in Canada !

  4. Great work guys – the @BitcoinRat is right behind you ( any cheese related give-aways coming ? )

  5. Great idea! Is this only San Francisco proper – or the greater Bay area? We are in Corte Madera and could definitely use Shyp.

  6. We love Canada (our co-founders are Canadian)! Sign up and we’ll email you when we’re in your city!

  7. Thanks! Hmm… cheese related give-aways… interesting idea. Stay tuned to find out!

  8. At the moment, we’re just picking up from San Francisco proper, but are looking forward to expanding soon!