Online shopping is awesome, isn’t it? The endless variety of options, the convenience of shopping from anywhere, the instant gratification of one-click checkout. You can spend hours shopping through the world’s leading retailers without ever leaving your comfiest chair.

But then there’s the downside. What if what you purchased doesn’t fit or meet your expectations? You know what we’re talking about: Returns. There is literally not one thing to like about returning something you bought online. Printing out a prepaid label, finding the box it came in, waiting around for hours on end for a pickup or getting to the post office. Who likes that? No one.

By the way, we can see those boxes in the corner of your closet full of items you bought online, didn’t like, and never returned.

We get it. We’ve heard your frustration about the shipping process, particularly when it comes to returning items. And considering that as much as one-third of online purchases are returned, we aren’t going to stand for it.

Today we’re introducing Shyp Returns, the easiest, most reliable way to return things you buy online. Here’s how it works:

  • Launch the Shyp iPhone or Android app, tap “add shipment” and select, “return online purchase”
  • Select one of our featured retailers, enter your order number, and reason for returning – or if you have a printed prepaid label already, include it with your item.
  • Take a picture of what you’re returning. You can add multiple items to a shipment, whether its additional items you’re returning, or a standalone shipment, all for the same flat rate of $5.
  • When you’re ready, simply tap ‘Pickup Now” and within about 20 minutes, a Shyp courier will pick up the goods and take care of packing and shipping. You’ll receive a shipping confirmation later that day or the next morning, and can track the progress in the notifications section of the app.
  • Sit tight and relax. When your return is complete with the retailer, you’ll receive confirmation from them.

The Shyp Return screenshots

Welcome to a world of endless online shopping. A world where you have confidence that whether one or all of your items don’t work out, returning is just a couple of taps away. Not sure what size? Order two.

At Shyp, we’re reimagining shipping from the ground up. To learn more, visit